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Footer Options

The Footer Options panel provides a variety of capabilities that alters the functionality of the footer area of your site, that is, the bottom section where your widgets and bottom bar are placed. Under this tab, you will find the following options:

  • Hide Entire Footer Globally – enable this feature to hide the footer section from entirely from all pages of your site. This will hide both the widgets and the bottom-bar areas.
  • Hide Footer Widget Area – enable this feature to hide the widget area from the entire site (but not the bottom-bar).
  • Hide Footer Bottom Area – enable this feature to hide the bottom-bar from the entire site (but not the widget-area).
  • Replace Footer With a Custom Layout – while the Lagoon theme comes with a sweet section layout, you may wish to create your own and override it. To do so, create such a layout in your Divi Library (in the Admin Dashboard, under the Divi menu item), then use this feature to select the layout which you’ve created. The selected layout will now be presented instead of Lagoon’s default footer section.
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