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Header Options

The Header Options panel provides a variety of capabilities that alters the functionality of the header area of your site, that is, the top bar where your logo and menu items are placed. Under this tab, you will find the following options:

  • Hide Main Header Globally – if, for whatever reason, you’d like to disable the menu area globally, toggle this option on.
  • Enable Page Specific Header Hiding – more commonly, for cases of landing pages or presentation pages or any other sort of content which you’d like to show without the header area, this option allows you to decide whether the header is shown or not on a page-level. Once activated, this option will add a checkbox item to all pages and posts, allowing you to choose if you’d like to show the header on that page/post or not.
  • Enable Top Menu CTA Button – this feature will activate the CTA button area on the right side of the header menu, as seen in the Lagoon demo site
  • Top Menu CTA Text – if the Top Menu CTA Button feature is on, use this field to define the text to be displayed in the button.
  • Top Menu CTA Link – if the Top Menu CTA Button feature is on, use this field to define the link for the button.
  • Enable Page Specific Logo – this feature allows you to define specific logos at page-level. Turning this option on will add a new setting to all pages and posts where you can define a specific logo to be displayed on this page/post (a different one than the default logo of your site).
  • Different Logo On Scroll – this option allows you to define a different logo to be displayed when the page is scrolled, so your default logo changes into something else when the menu becomes sticky on page-scroll.
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