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Main Options

The Main Options panel provides a variety of general capabilities that take effect site-wide. Under this tab, you will find the following options:

  • Enable SVG Support – by default, WordPress blocks certain file types from being uploaded to your site (mainly for security reasons). One of the common types of files that webmasters are looking to upload is that of SVG (mainly for logos and other images that may require size-optimization). This option, when enabled, will override the WordPress default settings and allow you to upload SVG files directly to your Media library.
  • Enable FontAwesome Support – while Divi comes pre-built with the ETmodules icons package, the FontAwesome icons family is widely considered second-to-none, adding more than 1,500 free amazing icons. With this option, FontAwesome support will be integrated into your site, with no need for the use of code.
  • Disable Lagoon Demo Import Page – if you do not use the Lagoon demo data, or if you’ve already imported the demo data and wish to hide the Import Lagoon Demo menu item, simply activate this option.
  • Enable Preloader – preloaders are custom-built indicators that inform the viewer that content is being loaded into the page. There are many WordPress plugins out there that allows you to integrate preloader on your site. The DiviBest PowerPanel comes with such a feature pre-built.
  • Select Preloader Transition – further customizing your preloader, select the type of transition to be applied to the preloader exit. Meaning, the transition with which the preloader will disappear once the page’s content is fully loaded.
  • Select Preloader Icon & Background Colors – the right color-selector will determine the color of the preloader icon itself, while the right one indicates the background color to fill the screen while the preloader is visible, prior to the full-loading of the page’s content.
  • Select Preloader Icon & Effect – PowerPanel comes pre-built with 10 options for your preloader icon, each with it’s own animation effect. Please note that some of the options require you to have the FontAwesome Support options enabled.
  • Select Preloader Icon Size – use this option to define the size of the preloader icon, ranging from very small to extremely large.
  • Exclude Pages from Search Results – by default, the search functionality of WordPress includes pages and posts in the search results page. Given that often you would want only your site’s dynamic content to be searchable (meaning, posts, and not pages), this option will disable the searching of pages, allowing only posts to be displayed.
  • Select 404 page – while the Lagoon theme comes with a customized 404 page, you may wish to create your own and override it. To do so, create such a page (make sure its status is set to published), then use this feature to select the page which you’ve created. The selected page will now be presented instead of Lagoon’s default 404 page.
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