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Modules Options

The Modules Options panel provides a variety of capabilities that alters the functionality of various elements of certain Divi modules on your site. Under this tab, you will find the following options:

  • Open Map Pin Details by Default – turn this option on to make the details box of a map location pin open by default with page-load (usually loads closed, and opens when you click on the location pin).
  • Disable Map Controls – hide all of the maps controls, such as zoom icons, the street-view icon and more. Note that the Google logo will remain, as this is required by Google’s TOS.
  • Make Accordions Closed by Default – by default, the first item in an accordion module by Divi loads open. Turn this option on to load all accordions closed.
  • Make Accordions Closable – by default, Divi accordion items are not closable. Turn this option on to add the possibility to close an open accordion.
  • Make Full Width Header Scroll Icon Bounce – turn this option on to add a “bouncing” animation effect to the Full Header module’s scroll button (the one that is displayed at the bottom part of the module, directing visitors to scroll further)
  • Select Icon Bounce Type – if you’ve turned the Scroll Icon Bounce option on, use this one to determine how “hard” should the icon bounce.
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