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Footer is a compulsory part of a theme. In Lagoon, you have a default customized footer that comes with the theme, which is available if you have imported the demo.

Editing the default Lagoon footer

Should you decide to stick with the default footer area provided by the Lagoon theme, you will want to edit it to add your own logo, details and menu items. To do so, simply navigate to the Divi Library in your admin dashboard, and edit the global layout named Global Footer, same as you would any Divi layout.

Adding your own footer layout

If you’d like to create your own layout for the footer and place it in your site, navigate to the Divi Library in your admin dashboard, and create a section layout. Name if whatever you’d like and save it. Then, navigate to the DiviBest PowerPanel and open the Footer tab.

At the very bottom, open the dropdown selection and select the layout you’ve just created, and save the settings.

Editing the bottom bar

The bottom bar is editable as by default with the Divi customizer. Navigate to Divi > Theme Customizer > Footer > Footer Bar and make your changes there

Disabling / hiding the footer or elements of it

Using the DiviBest PowerPanel, you can easily hide the entire footer, or certain sections of it.

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