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Displaying Module-in-Module

Displaying Divi modules within other Divi modules is extremely easy with Lagoon. First, navigate to Divi > Divi Library, and add a new module or row you’d like to place within another module.

Now, still on the layout edit page, grab the layout’s ID from either the URL bar, or go back to the Divi Library, hover over the layout, and note the layout’s ID from the bottom URL.

Open the module onto which you’d like to add the layout, and use the Lagoon’s built-in shortcode functionality to call the layout, using the ID you wrote down.

The syntax for shortcodes in Divi is like so – [dmc_shortcode id=”XXX”] – with XXX being the ID of the layout you’d like to echo.

For example, using the layout’s ID I’ve noted in the example above, you could add this layout to other modules, widgets or sidebars like so:

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