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FAQ Page Functionality

The FAQ page has the functionality of filtering frequently asked questions by a certain subject. On the lefthand side of the page, you will find a Divi Call-to-Action module which serves as the filter area, while on the right, the FAQs themselves are placed as well within a Divi Call-to-Action modules.

Upon selecting a subject on the filter mechanism on the lefthand side, the questions on the right will be filtered to fit the selected subject.

Adding / Editing a Subject

To edit an existing subject name, or add a new one, open the filter CTA module on the lefthand side, and switch to text mode

Now either edit an existing <li> element, or add a new one like so:

<li subject="name">Name</li>

Make sure to change the name both inside and outside of the <li> tag. The first will be used for the actual function of filtering, while the second is only the displayed name of the filter. For instance:

<li subject="this_is_identifier">This Is Filter Name</li>

Adding Questions to a Subject

To create new questions and then append them to a certain subject, simply edit or duplicate one the existing ones on the page, and place your content inside

Next, still in the same module (of the specific question), navigate to the Advanced tab and under CSS Class, place the name of the filter as you wrote it inside of the <li> tag (not the name that is being displayed in the filter).

Click save and repeat this with as many questions as you’d like.

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